The DE-RO Aviation Technology development S.R.L. was founded in April 2019.
DE-RO Aviation originated from a network of German and Romanian aviation engineers.
We own technology for light aircraft construction and certification for manufacturing of various aircraft types.




DE-RO Aviation services include assembling and manufacturing light aircrafts and components. We have a long history in producing and assembling different versions of the Skyranger ultra light aircraft. Furthermore, we provide all-inclusive manufacturing services for two and four stroke engines and components, such as propellers, exhaust systems, aircraft lights, and many more.

  • #Light aircraft manufacturing
  • #Propeller manufacturing
  • #Exhaust systems manufacturing
  • #Aircraft lights manufacturing
  • #Engine manufacturing and assembly
  • #Aircraft transport trailers production



In addition to manufacturing and production, we offer repair services for any type of aeronautical construction and component. We repair the following parts and not only.

  • #Two and four stroke engines
  • #Aircraft mechanics repair
  • #Cockpit instruments repair
  • #Engine Turbines
  • #Aircraft Propellers
  • #Piston engines



Our experts provide maintenance and optimization services for the aircraft and its parts. We offer our services locally at our manufacturing plant, or remotely at the clients address.

  • #Engine care
  • #Propellers maintenance
  • #Aircraft parts restoration
  • #Performance optimization
  • #Aircraft components care
  • #Oil and filter replacement

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